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Most people don't fully understand Climate Change, and its impact on humans. The Global Environmental Climate Change Organization (GECCO) wants everyone aware of what Climate Change is and how it is affecting our lives every day. Our goal is to ensure that everyone understands and can lead the act towards protecting and healing our planet.



There are simple things that anyone can do to help the environment. The more people who understand these simple steps, the bigger the impact will be. We want to build a community of individuals aware of what is going on online or in-person. 

 Founder - Agastya Khosa


GECCO Leaders

Agastya Khosa, the founder of GECCO, is based in Austin, TX. He is very worried about the world for future generations. 

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Australia - Alicia Flynn


Alicia Flynn is an educator based in Melbourne, Australia. She teaches at the University of Melbourne's Grad School of Education. Her PhD research is on anti-colonial climate-place education. Alicia has a background in school-based and community sustainability & environment education. She is a mother, a gardener, composter and committed climate activist.

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India - Diya Narayan


Diya Narayan is an active youth feminist based in Bangalore, India. She is looking forward to becoming more active and spread awareness regarding the highly rising climate crisis.

Pakistan - Yasir Bashir


Yasir Bashir is a construction lawyer based in Islamabad, Pakistan. 


Bangladesh - Aktaruzzaman Shoieb


Aktaruzzaman Shoieb is a student based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Most people are not concerned about climate change. He wants to help with climate change awareness and education. 


USA - Katie Grumet


Katie Grumet is an active youth climate change activist. She loves nature and cares for the environment. Working to help as much as she can, Katie is also a girl scout and has organized a donation to homeless people.